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Business and Commercial Disputes
The Law Office of Alan Pritchard, PLLC is located in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee and is owned by Alan Pritchard. Mr. Pritchard has over 20 years of legal experience in all areas of commercial and business litigation. The focus of The Law Firm of Alan Pritchard, PLLC is to provide client oriented legal representation for individuals and small and mid-sized businesses involved in business and commercial disputes.

Breach of Contract Cases

A breach of contract occurs when one party to an agreement fails to perform or inadequately performs its obligations under the terms of the agreement.  There are a variety of remedies to which the non-breaching party may be entitled depending on the terms of the contract and the facts of the case. 

Commercial Debt Collection
In most cases involving the collection of a commercial debt, the œeasy part is obtaining a judgment against the debtor. Many times, knowing there is no defense to the creditor™s claim, the debtor will not file a responsive pleading to the creditor™s lawsuit and will allow a judgment to be taken by consent or default. The real work begins with the collection of the judgment. 

Construction Law/Mechanics' and Materialmens' Liens
It is not unusual for a general contractor and subcontractors on a construction project to find themselves in the position of not getting paid for their work as the invoices come due. The Tennessee legislature has enacted the Mechanics™ and Materialmen™s Lien statute that provides the means by which a general contractor and subcontractors can protect their respective interests and collect the funds due to them.

There are several legal options available to non-citizens who have either been placed in removal proceedings or simply wish to seek legal status in the United States. If you need immigration assistance you should consult an attorney with knowledge and experience. Andrew Francisco has that knowledge and experience.

Closely Held or Family Owned Corporations and Shareholders Rights
Although officers and directors within closely held corporations typically act in good faith towards their shareholders, operating in the best interests of the corporation, even the most prudent and well intentioned officers and directors may act in a way that breaches their duty of care owed to shareholders. A person challenging the decisions made by these officers and directors has a heavy burden of showing lack of good faith and due deliberation. Therefore, it is important for both majority and minority shareholders to understand their rights, to understand what conduct can be categorized as "oppressive," and if oppressive conduct can be found, to know what can be done about it.